Dropresize Release

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Hello everyone!

Many things have happened since I’ve been gone. Dropresize has been up for six years now and while it started off great, I haven’t been able to update it as I would expect. So, in the next months I plan to do something about this. I can’t promise anything yet as it is too early, but all I can say is…

  • It won’t be as small as before.
  • Did someone say service?
  • I wish you a great 2015 year-end!

Best regards to you all,


Dropresize Release

Dropresize.com Was a Blank Page!

I was shocked to discover today that dropresize.com displayed an empty web page. O.O

Anyway, in a few weeks’ time an indefinite amount of time, Dropresize will be under a new name. The idea of “dropping” and “resizing” might change in the application so I was thinking it would make no sense having it named as usual. With the upcoming new Windows 8, there might be some changes in the way this program will be used. So, to wrap it up, here’s currently what I’m trying to work on:

  • Rename Dropresize into something else.
  • Remove the website Dropresize.com.
  • Create a new website that will be the home of the “new program”.
  • This new website might have a community forum, news/blog section, and will host other software in the future.
  • Anticipate Windows 8 and think about how this new program will fit: (hint: right-click menus, run as service, Windows tile?)
  • This program will have a Home (free, donate) version and a Pro (paid) version, both are customized for its target users (hello webmasters 🙂 ).
  • Feel free to comment and post suggestions if you want some features to be included!
Dropresize.com Was a Blank Page!

Starting Out All Over Again

There’s not much to say about the Dropresize as of now other than the fact that I am already starting to code it.

Here’s a rough rundown of what’s happening:

  • I am starting from scratch (well, not really, since the critical parts like resizing and folder watching only need minor changes).
  • There will be two versions: Dropresize and DropresizePro, where the first one is free for home use and the second one has more features and is geared towards those who want to use it for their business (and probably costs something).
  • The required framework is upgraded from .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.5 (This is already installed in Windows 7). You may download the .NET runtime from here.

I think that’s about it for now. 🙂

Starting Out All Over Again