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  1. john heney says:

    There are MANY apps that can do this and MUCH more EXCEPT ONE THING…the Watch Folder. Not to be mean, but without the Watch Folder this app is going nowhere. If Irfanview added a Watch Folder, which programmatically is not a big deal, they would give their app much more commercial appeal. I wish you the best of luck. The fact that you recognized the appeal of a watch folder says you are a smart guy. Cheers, jh

  2. Hi
    your app is brilliant.
    thank you.

    We are using it to shoot an eyefi card direct into dropbox on a laptop on location.

    what would be even better is if it workrd on an iphone or android. that way could just send the images to the phone and then dropbox..

    If you could do it would be happy to pay for your time..

  3. Jarno Kylander says:


    I’ve been looking for a software that does almost what Dropresizer is doing.

    Basicly I want to maintain two different galleries. One with the orginal large photos and one with resized to HDTV 1080. A software that watches a folder and then resizes the new photos to a new folder with the same folder structure as the original ones.

    When I watch the photos with my TV, I’ll use the HDTV ones and they load up quickly to the TV. These photos would also be applicable for web gallery use.

    I found JpegSizer from that does almost the whole thing.

    Too bad they are out of business and there is a minor flaw in the software also.

    So I was thinking that if you are still developing your new software, is it going to do what a need?

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