Dropresize.com Was a Blank Page!

I was shocked to discover today that dropresize.com displayed an empty web page. O.O

Anyway, in a few weeks’ time an indefinite amount of time, Dropresize will be under a new name. The idea of “dropping” and “resizing” might change in the application so I was thinking it would make no sense having it named as usual. With the upcoming new Windows 8, there might be some changes in the way this program will be used. So, to wrap it up, here’s currently what I’m trying to work on:

  • Rename Dropresize into something else.
  • Remove the website Dropresize.com.
  • Create a new website that will be the home of the “new program”.
  • This new website might have a community forum, news/blog section, and will host other software in the future.
  • Anticipate Windows 8 and think about how this new program will fit: (hint: right-click menus, run as service, Windows tile?)
  • This program will have a Home (free, donate) version and a Pro (paid) version, both are customized for its target users (hello webmasters 🙂 ).
  • Feel free to comment and post suggestions if you want some features to be included!
Dropresize.com Was a Blank Page!

8 thoughts on “Dropresize.com Was a Blank Page!

    1. jayrobledo says:

      Thanks for your interest in Dropresize! The project is paused at the moment, but there are pending details that I plan to do. This year I plan to launch the new homepage of Dropresize. 🙂

      1. Fionnuala says:

        OK, thanks for the quick response, if you have a moment, is there an easy way to ‘force’ dropresize to run, i’ve noticed it isn’t automatically running against the watch folder (even when I have the dialogue window closed)?

  1. jayrobledo says:

    The current version of the application does not enable you to”manually resize” the images, unfortunately. However, you may try this just to see if it will work:

    1. Delete the pictures in the watch folder that were copied.
    2. Restart Dropresize.
    3. Try to copy the images you want to resize again.

    I hope this makes it work in your computer again.


  2. HH says:

    It´s great, thanks! In your new program can you please give the option to include ALL metadata (not only EXIF but also IPTC like “author” etc.)?

  3. Tim says:

    Hi, Just wondering if dropresize can run as a service? I would like to have this running on a fileserver and have it resize images in the companies photo folder but do not want an active user session just for this function.

  4. I have an interest in a PRO version, we have 1000’s of pictures being uploaded remotely from phones, etc to remote servers that then push them up to a database, so having end users drop files into their local folder and using your app to resize pictures in that folder before being pushed onto our core servers. Is very interesting but to have it run as a service would be very attractive.

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