Fixing The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earphones (6 Wires)

This is a quote from a good friend named Bar and he wished to contribute this information to other people who had the same problem with a broken Skullcandy 6-wire jack:

(Note: If you have a 5-wire Skullcandy FMJ earphone, please view this article instead.)

So you’ll need a different 3.5mm jack for connecting the microphone, one with 4 connections. It is called a TRRS connector (stands for Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve, TRS is the regular stereo plug like above, stands for Tip-Ring-Sleeve).  The extra ring will allow us to connect another channel – it is for the microphone. So it is Stereo + Mic plug, here’s a picture for your reference:

Now let me show you where the connections goes inside the plug, before i will give you the colors description… here:

(As you can see there’s tin on it as i soldered and desoldered it many times.)

A better look on the connections:

Now this is the wires in the FMJ black cable: (notice it is the newer version and it has one more wire – the copper twisted blue wire – they’ve split the ground wire to 2 wires for each channel instead of 1.)

The wires should go as follows:

(notice that the ground connection contains 3 wires.)

Here are the descriptions for the wires:

+ Left Channel Green
– Left Channel (Ground) Blue
+ Right Channel Red/Copper Twist
– Right Channel (Ground) Blue/Copper Twist
+ Microphone Red
– Microphone Loose Copper
Fixing The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earphones (6 Wires)

5 thoughts on “Fixing The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earphones (6 Wires)

  1. Bar says:

    That is great!
    The colors are all right! i have double-checked it now, and i’m now listening with the FMJ 24/7 and blowing up some good music.
    I did just as i suggested, and everything is just great!

    There was a confusion with the microphone + and –
    But it is right as its now in the table.

    And if you have the 5 wires earlier version then it is the same as it is here, besides one additional ground wire, so instead of connecting 3 ground wires, you will have only 2 (w/o the blue-copper twisted wire).
    Try this out Jay – when you will have time :]


  2. David says:

    what trrs plug did you use? The one i bought has the tiniest little connectors inside which are impossible to solder. Yours looks a heck of a lot easier!

    1. semigeek says:

      I really don’t know what to say David, the only ones available in the store was this kind and so I kinda assumed all common trrs plugs look the same inside. Maybe you can find a plug that has larger connectors in another shop?

  3. ivanpointer says:

    I bought a plug from radio shack that didn’t have the mic part. I simply just include the mic ground with the other grounds, then folded the mic + back and taped down with electrical wire. Works great!

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